ANT100Y1 Lecture Notes - Gregor Mendel, Carl Linnaeus

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9 Feb 2011
Anthropology September 23rd, 2010.
Biological Anthropology
What is evolutionary anthropology?
Application of modern evolutionary theory to studies of the morphology, ecology,
5 research disciplines in evolutionary anthropology
Scientific study of non-human primates
Primate anatomy, field studies of wild animals, primate psychology
Primatologists seek to conserve primates in vanishing tropical ecosystems
Multidisciplinary study of:
Biological evolution of human and non-human primates
Advent of and changes in human cultural activities
Evolutionary history of behavior in human and non-human primates
3.Human Variation
Spatial and temporal variations in human features
For example geographic and climate variations in body size, skin colour, and eye colour
4.Medical anthropology
How social, environmental, and biological factors influence health and illness of
individuals at the community, regional, national, and global levels
5.Forensic anthropology
Focuses only on skeletal remains of humans
Forensic anthropologists seek to determine the age, sex, stature, ancestry, and any trauma
or disease of the deceased
Major questions about humans and our biology
How does evolution work and how does it apply to us?
What are biological characteristics of our species?
What is physical record of our evolution? (paleoanthropology)?
How do evolutionary anthropologists conduct their research?
(Stanley Gathered Few Trophies Racing Slow Rabbits)
State the problem
Gather information
Form a hypothesis
Test the hypothesis
Record and analyze data
State the conclusion
Repeat the work
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