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ANT100Y1 Lecture Notes - Bride Price, Ethnography

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Ant210H1S Movie Class
Last Week Review:
Lofland: naturalistic inquiry t maybe, maybe Lofland is suggesting that methodology is less important
and that once you get into the field as illusions of objectivity vanish and the ethnographer has to re-
acclimate to doing fieldwork in their own way (our class becomes an exercise in futility).
Lofland: axis of difference (religion, race, ethnicity, history, politics), descriptive/ascribed/ascriptive
catagories (?)
Woolf: location t positionality (?) t the ethnographer must discuss their position from outside their
Theme: no matter how many times you observe a place, the people change and the experience is not
static t Z}µPZZvÀ]}vuvu]vZuU^]vPZ]vPÇ}µ[ÀvÀv(}_, a library
how is a space used even where it has a specific purpose in mind t love, loss, lunch, socializing, bonding
d[ZZW]o}]}vv(oµÆ]vd}}v}ZP]}vWlt immigrant experience t the ethnographer as
white and local, the participants ^uµo]Zv]Uuµo]]o_
This Week
Emerson: 3 types of field work - transcription (ought you fix history?), description (fragmented),
inscription (?!), interviews (?)
Them and Me: French anthropologist in New Guinea (Stephen Pretton)
They see the camera as a bow
Primary informant: teaches the language, brings community around to open up, the anthropologist
offers to raise his salary each year and pay his bride price
They are appalled by the anthropologists childish use of their language
The anthropologist is a shopkeeper t selling oil, paper money, razor blades, mirrors and medicine t this
is not a place of honour
The anthropologist describes the ogre stories and spirit stories of the natives as childish while they call
the anthropologist a child initially t mutual disrespect (ethical?)
^/Á}µoooÇ}µ(Z_t the elder asks for 5,000 extra receiving this he bestows some respect
(presumably) on the anthropologist
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