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Christopher Watts

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ANT200 Lecture Notes 1 (Sept. 12)
Method & Theory and Complexity
Christopher M. Watts
Office hours: by appointment
Office Location: ROM CC401C
Teaching Assistants:
Matthew Walls (Head TA)
David Bilton
Candis Haak
Sally Lynch
Office Hours and Location: TBA (Check blackboard)
Tutorials are held every other week beginning the week of Sept.26th
Blackboard Features:
Syllabus and other course documents
Lecture summaries
Assignment handouts
First Half:
Archaeological Method and Theory (Unit 1)
Archaeology of Complex Societies (Unit 4)
Second Half
Human Evolution (Unit 2)
Perspectives on Agriculture (Unit 3)
Evaluation Criteria:
2 Research Papers – 20% each
2 Term Tests – 25% each
Tutorial Participation – 10%
Research Paper – 20% (Due Nov. 21 in class)
The research paper will be 1800-2400 words in length; submit hard copy with
double spaced text, 12 pt. font with one-inch margins
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