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Lecture 1

ANT203Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Denisovan, Evolutionary Anthropology, Collagen

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Michelle Cameron

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ANT203Y1Y September 11th, 2018
The Nature of Humans---Michelle Cameron
Humans past and present are constantly in the news and media. Which headline
interests you most?
Evolutionary anthropology:
-Where did our species come from?
-What connections do we have with our closest primate relatives?
-What are some factors that shape the variation we see in our species? What role do
our genes play in the bigger picture?
-How had modern life changed how we interact with our environment? How we
access food resources has changed drastically in the past decades
Michelle Cameron:
Did her PHD in the UK, works with collaborators is Namibia and South Africa.
She looks at how we’ve adapted to different bio diverse environments.
Largely grounded in human skeletal biology through body size relations (why are
some people so tall and others not? How much is generic vs. environment)
Second semester Ben Leolya (sp?)
Went to university of Vienna and works mostly on central Asia hominids including
the Neanderthals and the Basins, with the slight overlap with the current modern
humans. The Sel’ungur cave in Kyrgyzstan as a site of archeological material and
uncovering the culture associated with these hominids.
Also works in the Chayrskaya Cave in Altai, in less than 20 sq meters they have
uncovered over 2,000 animals bones and human fragments, including most of an
arm, teeth from different individuals, ect.
The piece of a finger bone of a 10-15 year old girl, and this was the first piece of
evidence for a different type of hominum though the extraction of DNA
Denisova 11:
Diagnostic fossil, but through the molecular method Zoo MS that extracts collagen
from bones and looks at the collagen sequences found it was carrying roughly half of
the genome of two different interbreeding classes of individuals. The mother was a
Neanderthal and the father was a Denisovan.
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