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AIDS and Haiti II - May 31 (L04)

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Leslie Jermyn

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AIDS and Haiti (II)
-Payback for not going to Iraq Canadas involvement in Haiti
-Vast amount of Canadian aid is loan aid country obligated to pay
-CIDA pay Cdn agencies to rebuild infrastructure in Haiti recycle money back to
- MINUSTAH (UN peacekeeping force) = a group of thugs, enforcers for elites
oJuly 2005, Cité Soleil, massacre of civilians
oThere to suppress the resistance to the coup against Aristide
- MINUSTAH led by the Brazilian Army, the first commander being Lt.-Gen. Pereira.
oPereira, in early 2005, testified that he and his troops were forced to use violence
by the international community, naming USA, France and Canada. Later, he
resigned and was succeeded by Gen. Bacellar, who committed suicide in Sept.,
oNew leader of MINUSTAH, Chilean Gen. Hermann
-Foreign reports and media coverage dehumanize the events, people false reports
-Western countries cant wrap their heads around the fact that Haiti has led themselves
for the past 200 years dont see them just as moral people like themselves; negative
view towards them, because of stereotype that they are ‘inferior, known for voodoo
oBad rep comes from what was said of them by people who dont really know the
real story
-CIDA third of the money for French-speaking countries
oLaundering money through French enterprises in Canada
-Foreign press coverage bottom line, MONEY/PROFITS
-Last 50, 20 years, pressure on cutting back on foreign press coverage costs
oEasier to recycle news wire media >> tune in to Haitian broadcasts. PROBLEM =
elite-controlled media
Foreign gov’t interference and support wanted by the gov’t so they bring
out false reports of events, one that favours their side
oThese false reports then dehumanize the people
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