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The War on Islam in Afghanistan I (L06)

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Leslie Jermyn

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The War on Islam in Afghanistan I
-Cold War, 1947-91
oMore of a process than a single event.
oCame about after WW2 and still has an impact on today’s world
-WW2 spurned the end of the European Colonialism
oMost of the battles done on colonial territory
oColonial people contributed to the war (patriotic non-citizens) soldiers
Participants felt like they deserve compensation, recognition for aiding
their mother country during the war (paid their dues, have grown into
political adults) meaning, they deserve freedom
oWar is financially crippling to the participant countries, and with the domestic
pressure regarding maintaining services in colonies, they decided to get rid of
them so that they can focus their finances in rebuilding their own countries
British colonialism ended with peaceful negotiations, no resistance.
France waged war within its colonies
US and Vietnam in an anti-communist war, which was really an
independence war
Portugal didnt participate in WW2 so it didnt want to pull out of its
>> Independence movements started gaining momentum around the 1960s
-Colonies were primarily for economic purposes - the production of goods for export and
the import of manufactured essential goods.
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