ANT204H1 Lecture Notes - Vandana Shiva, Society 1, Eurocentrism

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
Jan 23, 2012
ANT204H1-LECTURE#3 Is progress inevitable?
A. Opening Case Study: The Thaba-tseka Development project
B. Ideas of progress: is positive
C. Ideas of Development
A. Lesotho-small landlocked county in Southern Africa
-received development assistance from 26 different countries
-72 international non-got organizations (including CIDA)
It is an example of failed development
-1975 World bank issues a report on Les0tho to justify a series of loans to the country
Quote from fergurson article; “ Virtually untouched by modern economic development, Lestho was, and
still is , basically, a traditional subsistence peasant society…… cont
-compares this to the oxford history of South Africa “in 1837 the sotho of Basutolana.. had grain stored
for four to 8 yrs ;in 188 white farmers ‘flocked’to them to buy rain. During 1872 (after the loss of their
most fertile land west of the Caledon)the sotho exported 100,00 muids 9185lh bags) of grain.. andin
1877 when the demand for grain on diamond fields had fallen, “large quantities” were held by
producers and shopkeepers in Basutolan”
-world banks report on Lesotho is contradictory to the oxford history, perhaps the world bank
overlooked it, they weren’t too bright, they view the world in a different frame therefore perceived it to
be poverty stricken
-propaganda, marketing of lesotho in a certain way to investors in order to get loans, the development
industries are looking for something wrong with lesotho to give a reason to initiate development in this
-want more western domination of lestho to paint a picture of a helpless country and then dominate
them with their so called help
The meaning of ‘lesotho”
-their condition is naturalized, not given a political or historical explanation, just have greater
populations with increased birth rate and therefore will cause erosion of land
->poverty is naturalized
B. ideas of progress
-has a negative connotation, has a starting pt and end pt
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