ANT204H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Rinderpest, Enclosure, Wild Africa

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
Lecture 10- Conservation & Violence
A final Debate?
What does Anthropology contribute to discussions of human rights and social justice?
Conservation & Violence
A. US history
B. British History
C. State Violence
D. Chapin
Three reviews on Witchcraft
View 1: Witchcraft is “primitive”
Violence is endemic (meaning it is localized?)
How did development of Niagara Falls impact conservation in Africa?
-Americans showed the European dignitaries the Niagara Falls and were impressed by the work of the
Americans, but they thought they should have wilderness in the natural wild. Meaning that Niagara Falls
was built in a setting that did not symbolize the wilderness it was in a city setting surrounded with ppl.
The Americans were embarrassed by the criticism of the British and they vowed they would never let
this happen again.
The act of dedication (Yellowstone) March 1872: Yellowstone was initially not a wilderness, it
was highly occupied with aboriginal inhabitants, and however they were moved out in order to
create a “natural” wilderness minus the humans. Obviously violence was at play in order to
move the aboriginals out of the area
The idea that humans are detrimental to nature and that the two should be separated
Yellowstone currently has no ppl left there in the natural park
British History
What historical factors helped shaped the vision of Africa as an Eden, a wilderness and wild?
“myth of wild Africa” –represents primitive , it is closer to nature than humans are to the urban
-the west represents the civilized, modern and scientific, educated
Exaggerating explorers, missionaries and explorers
-were benefitted by their books and ppl who read them (sold books about their travels)
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