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23 Apr 2012

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ANT204 Lecture 6: Feb 15, 2012
There is no race- there aren't consistent patterns of genes
across the human genome to distinguish one "race"
from another
We experience race, but race isn't real
A genome is a total collection of genes in a species.
It has corporate involvement- neoliberalism, global
How is the database for genetic anthropology assembled?
1) Genographic Project: DNA samples from "key
populations"- the database will contain DNA
samples from more than 100,000 people-
Spencer Wells
Should cloning and gene therapy be regulated by the
Genetic anthropology= Where did we come from, how did
we get here? - reveals history of ancient
human migration
Our most recent ancestors are from pieces of
DNA passed down unchanged through
Modern humans emerged in Sub-Saharan Africa
When DNA is passed from one generation to the next,
some pieces remain unchanged- some are
only passed from father to son (carried from
Y chromosome); mitochondrial DNA is passed
from mother to child
How is this database assembled? - most is from DNA
samples taken from 10000 indigenous
people globally
Focuses on obtaining DNA database for genetic
anthropology- obtain from key populations in
a particular region - assume these groups are
frozen in time, EUROCENTRISM
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