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ANT322H1 Lecture Notes - John Travolta, Smothers Brothers, Punk Subculture

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Marcel Danesi

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Lec 6
Sid Vicious - c'mon everybody
Very sexual
Led Zeppelin - stairway to heaven
John Travolta - Saturday night fever - staying alive
There are battles - racial
Battle of style (shoes - Aerosmith wore boots, DMC wore sneakers...etc)
Merged style
Aerosmith, run DMC walk this way
Lec 6
Signifiers of culture (?)
Clothing, hairstyle,
Culture is a way of thinking
We use resources such as language, thoughts, materials
Metasystem of thoughts
Youth culture - demonstrates what it means to be young at this time
It is a parallel culture to the current/mainstream culture
Most youth cultures in the past, it is parallel
Rock culture was a parallel culture, it rebelled by separating itself (symbolically from dress, language, and music?)
Youth that don’t want to live parallel to the mainstream culture, they went against that culture
Clothing became conspicuously different, protesting against old symbolism
e.g. peace sign used to mean war and victory, but now it means peace
Counter culture went against the mainstream culture
The year when the three famous rockers died in the plane crash
First youth culture 1959 marked a crossroads
Discuss the world
Come together to enjoy their poetry and probes
Vietnam war
Shows like 'laughin', or the smothers brothers
Popular culture
From the culture various views started to occur
Cliques, communes,
Heavy metal
Until 1970s
What is a culture?
It has its own language and non-verbal form of representation (e.g clothing..heros..)
Someone you look to for guidance
Structure is specific
Equality was stressed
Jeans and tee shift = uniform (called 'unisex')
Hero in the psychoanalytic - archetype
First 2 chapters and rebellion chapter in miller
Lec 6 Subcultures
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