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ANT322H1 Lecture Notes - Cultivation Theory, At Seventeen, Gerard Jones

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Marcel Danesi

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Lec 9 Mille...
Final - only Miller reading tested (Part 3, 4, and 5) M/C
Miller part 4
American inventor, scholar, politician,
He thinks that youths should separate themselves from the world (like the Buddah and Prodigal son? Stories)
Find ourselves on our own terms
His view is romantic
As a youth avoids society so he can read
Table, food, ritualistic thing
Eating by oneself = separating oneself from childhood
How do I define myself?
Who am I ?
Eats by himself
Benjamin Franklin
Going to bed alone, thinking about events in life, and events of the present
Alcohol and drug taking are a escape
Loneliness is okay, but our society does not support loneliness
If you are alone you are a 'loser' in school
Institutions of marriage and companionship is a way to "solve" this issue of loneliness
"Cultures solve problems by implementing institutions"
Alfons Marcoen and Luc Goossens
Talks about why young people commit suicide
Children do not (usually) commit suicide
Suicide is usually a factor of adolescence
Material benefits - not spiritual benefits in this world
Suicide in youth
Willa Cather
The word comes from jazz scene
"beat nix"/ beat writers
Miles Davis "The Birth of Cool"
Jazz and youth, and then rock and roll, intrinsically intertwined
'Roaring Twenties"
Fast jazz - now called "hot jazz"
Jazz as bodily music / sexual music
improvisation, on the spot based on a tune from a given piece
"cool" took this idea - meaning to improvise? Be who you want to be
Cool jazz also became intellectual - meaning each musician in the jazz band (4 people?), bass, piano,
saxaphone, sometimes a trumpet
It’s a look/ certain attitude "Don't mess with me", the walk, the talk, the look (dress)
There is a confidence aspect
Media affects one like a needle (direct)
Cultivation theory - violence in tv, is actually is a safety valve
Media, violence and youth
Incredible Hulk = symbol of what?
Gerard Jones
Lec 9 Miller cont'd
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