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ANT322H1 Lecture Notes - Richard Rodriguez, Tabula Rasa, Beth Bailey

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Marcel Danesi

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Final - only Miller reading tested (Part 3, 4, and 5 only) M/C
Study these more /memorize:
Miller Part 5:
Youth culture no longer just for youths
The young person was expected in some ways to be a 'thinker' or idealist
Appearance of consciousness of self and consciousness of mortality, and location on earth, brings about reflection
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The achievement of desire
School pressure
Individualism vs socialization
Competitive marketplace culture
Constantly competing
Pressure shapes us
Richard Rodriguez
Idea : Who shall I be?
"blank slate" - culture and civilization we go back to our instincts
How do you construct the self, when there is no self
We have an imaginary self that we develop
Blank slate theory
Imaginary self
Comes about in school
Jennifer Chrichton
How an incident changes one's life
Maturity in college
What are fraternities
Dan Chaon
Revolutionaries 1950-1970
Carnival vs revolution
Sexual revolution
Beth Bailey
Maturity = egocentric vs allocentric
Ego = inwards
Allocentric = outwards (including others)
Becoming autonomous
joining a group
Douglas Heath**
Grades and relevance in education
Whereas when you hand in your resume at a job you only state your successes not your failures
Its not fair that you have to show your successes and failures
Without the GPA you are nothing…
Do grades tell the story? Never.
Roberta F. Borkat*
Are students different today from the past?
Mark Edmundson
Jacob Neusmer
Lec 10
Lec 10 Miller part 5
2:13 PM
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