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Biology-Lecture 1-Historical Development of Evolutionary Theory Sep 11 2008

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Marcel Danesi

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Reading Notes 09-11-08 Historical Development of Evolutionary Theory O Sagan 24 Days Scale (24 days for every 1 billion years and 1 second for every 475 years) O Big Bang O Sun formed, shortly after earth took shape O Organic molecules- amino acids O First fossil records O Sept. 9= beginning of solar system, Sept. 25= origin of life on earth O Dec. 31= 10:30-> human like primates appear O Adaptation: traits that increase the chances of survival to leave offspring that will survive O 65 million years ago= mammal like reptiles O The Evolution of Evolution O Views From Biology O Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution O Different species developed one from another over long periods of time O Carolus Linnaeaus O Similaritiesdifferences among organisms O Created system: naming ranking, classifying organisms (kingdom, class, genus, species) O Each category contains groups of related organisms that share common traits O Jean-Baptiste Lamarck O Acquired characteristics could be inherited and evolved O Individuals who in their lifetime developed characteristics helpful to survival would pass those characteristics to future generations (changing physical make up -> Acquired Inheritance O This evolutionary process was guided by changing environments that altered the needs of organisms O Ex: long neck giraffes- results of generation after generation ogiraffes stretching necks to reach high leaves O Views From Geology O Catstrophism : the world changed overtime by a series of divine catastrophic events
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