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Biology-Lecture 2-Modern Evolutionary Theory Sep 18 2008

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Marcel Danesi

Reading Notes 09-18-08 Modern Evolutionary Theory O Heredity O Mendels Experiments O Gregor Mendel O Bread several varieties of plea plants and made detailed observations of their offspring O Ex: (I) tall plants with short plants, (II) yellow with green O (I) tallness dominated shortness O (II) green plant disappeared. But then cross seeds from first generation which produced both yellow and green pea plants in ratio O The green trait had not been altered or lost; yellow was simply dominant, and green was recessive O Dominant: the allele of a gene pair that is always phenotypic ally expressed in the heterozygous form O Recessive: an allele phenotypic ally suppressed in the heterozygous form and expressed only in the homozygous form O Genotype: the total complement of inherited traits or genes of an organism O Phenotype: the observable physical appearance of an organism, which may or may not reflect its genotype or total genetic constitution O Genes: The Conveyors of Inherited Traits O Gene : chemical unit of heredity; occur in pairs for each trait and that offspring inherited one unit from each parent O Allele: one member of a pair of genes O If two genes or alleles for each trait are the same, the organism is homozygous O Homozygous : possessing two identical genes or alleles in corresponding locations on a pair of chromosomes O Heterozygous: possessing different genes or alleles in corresponding locations on a pair on chro
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