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Lecture 5

Archaeology-Lecture 5-Origins and Consequences of Food Production Nov 27 2008

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Marcel Danesi

Lecture Notes 11-27-08 Origins and Consequences of Food Production After the Pleistocene N Ca. 12,000 BC, we see the following changes o Glaciers retreatsea levels o Temperatures increase o Humidity increases o Some plant and animal species (ex: megafauna) disappear N Many groups adapted by broadening their resource bases o Ex: Mesolithic groups in Europe, Near East N Increased fish, shellfish, small mammals seeds and nuts N Later people began to intensify their exploitation of certain resources o Ex: 8,000 BC in the Near east (SW Asia) o Ex: 7,000 BC in Mesoamerica N Result: populations increased size, greater degrees of sedentism N Soon groups began selectively exploiting some plant and animal species N This marks the transition from food collection to food production Origins and Consequences of Food Production N What is Food Production? o Systematic interference with a food supply o Increase in energy, but in some cases less land N Two Interactive Processes (Consequences) o Changes in plant and animal physiology
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