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Lecture 6

Archaeology-Lecture 6-The Archaeology of Complexity Dec 4 2008

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Marcel Danesi

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Lecture Notes 12-04-08 The Archaeology of Complexity Introduction N Organization of lecture o What is complexity? o Modeling the Development of Complex Society o Early State Level Societies What is Complex Society? N Typically associated with chiefdoms and states N Recall: chiefdoms o Larger than tribes (~5,000- -20,000+ people) o Kin-based ranking under hereditary leader o Economy based on tributeredistribution o Settlement centres- secular and scared o Archeology example: NW coast N Recall: States (Pre-Industrial) o Larger than chiefdoms (generally 20,00+ ppl) o Class- based hierarchy under kingemperor o Laws, bureaucracy (taxation), standing armies o Cities- palaces, temples, public buildings N Typically, there are indicators- ,.425O0[41.:O9:7,O5K034203, O,3307 - such as . . . o Writing o Metallurgy o Predictive sciences (ex: astronomy, mathematics) o Large population aggregates; urbanization o Social stratification (classes)
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