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Lecture 3

Archaeology-Lecture 3-Lower and Middle Paleolithic Lifeways Nov 6 2008

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Marcel Danesi

ANT100 Introduction to Anthropology 2008 Archaeology Section Lecture 3 - Lower and Middle Paleolithic Lifeways November 6, 2008 Major Biological Trends O Influenced by shift in the mode of locomotion from quadrupedalism to bipedalism O Major changes I. Increased cranial capacitydecreased prognathism) II. Change in shape in pelvis (shorter, broader illium) III. Shift in position of the foramen magnum IV. Change in shape of the dental arcade Homo Habilis O Handy person- assumed tool making abilities O First discovered by Louis and Mary Leakey in Bed I at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, in 1960 O Decrease in prognathism; higher, rounder cranium O Increased in cranial capacity: 600-700 cc O Thought to correlate with capacity to make stone tools, better exploit landscape O Bipedal, but retained ability to climb trees O Similar lengths in humerifemora O Similar to chimpanzees, but not like us Origins of Human Culture O We see with homo habilis, for the first time, evidence of learned behaviour in the form of: O Too
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