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Lecture 5

Linguistics-Lecture 5-Morphology and Phonology Feb 5 2009

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Marcel Danesi

February 5, 2009 Morphology and Phonology Morphemes N Smallest meaningful unit in language N Sipp ed N Care ful ly N Shoe s N Anti dis establish ment ari an ism Morphology N Study of word structure N Study of morphemes -> not to be confused with syllables N Is concerned with spoken, not written language N Main Points: o Words are made up of morphemes o Allomorphs: variants of a morpheme o !48L9L43 o Base and Affixes Words and Morphemes N Some words consist of several morphemes N Anti dis establish ment ari an ism N But others consist of only one morpheme N Fire (= text, word, morpheme) N Bread N Water (why wat er?) N -0.,:80L39KL8Z4730L9K07Z,934707L820,3L3J1:O N :3OLN0L3ZK,9 N or in happi er [5O,L3:K N wrong: N stu dent N ass sis tant N immig rant N fris bee N Right: N Stud ent N Presid ent N Assist ant N Account ant N Im migr ant N Frisbee (a single morpheme word) Morphemes and Allomorphs N Allomorph: variant of a morpheme N Found in specific positions within the word Example Migr N Variants (allomorphs): N maygr as in migrate, migrant
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