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Culture-Lecture 2-The Power of Culture and the Culture of Power Mar 5 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Lecture 2: The Power of Culture and the Culture of Power I. Introduction N How anthropology emerged form the study of culture? N Culture we tend to take for granted N We have a culture, these shape how we view the world, but we tend not to think of culture that often N Even in Canada on multiculturalism; cultures tends to get reduced to eating, dressing, festivals N These are important parts of life, but not central N Cultural differences is to due with superficial differences N If its true that humans need meaning, and culture is what provides this meaning N Its pretty important for us to understand how we learn cultural ideas, and which ideas we come to take for granted N The power of culture is taking for granted and not questioning N Social hierarchy and distribution of power II. Learning Culture N Starting form the minute were born N $4209,:JK9;07L70.9O 49KL843949K,9 N Some we absorb without any instructions N In every social interaction we test our understanding of cultural meaning, we correct ourselves N 2:O,9L3J Z,9.KL3J55OZ070850.909. N We know perfectly well how to break cultural rules (consciously, in order to make a point, g09,993J,L3,..08894;,O:07084:7.0809. III. Myths N Definitions o Myths, Fluid, Moral N Magical All societies have sets of stories th
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