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Lecture 3: Evolutionary Anthro

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Shawn Lehman

ANT100Y1Y Outline for EVOL ANTH Lecture #3   Lecture Goals How primates differ from other Primate ecology and sociality. mammals. Main conservation issues for primates. Basic taxonomic characters of living primates. Primatologists at UT Michael Schillaci (UTSC): Anthropological primatology, bioarchaeology, public health. Joyce Parga (UTSC): molecular genetics, sperm competition, female dominance. Shawn Lehman (St. George): conservation biology, biogeography, evolutionary ecology. Primate Characteristics Primate Activity Patterns Primate Taxonomy Strepsirhine Characteristics Dental tooth comb. Tapetum lucidum. Moist rhinarium. Postorbitol bar. Unfused mandibular and frontal Two superfamilies: Lemuroidea and symphases. Lorisoidea. Lemurs & Lorises and Galagos Haplorhine Characteristics Dry nose. Fused mandibular and frontal symphases Retinal fovea. (cf. Tarsiers). Postorbitol closure. Three infraorders: Tarsiiformes, Platyrrhini, and Catarrhini. Tarsiiformes, Platyrrhines, & Catarrhines Human beings: Homo sapiens Body Size Scaling: Area (L x W) and volume (L x W X D) change at different rates. Animal doubles in size will be eight times heavier. Small animals have greater heat (energy) loss than larger animals. Primate Habitats Tropical rainforests, dry forests, deserts, Forest microhabitats and savannas. Emergent layer Primary vs. secondary forests. Canopy Ecological Niche. Understory ANT100Y1Y Outline for EVOL ANTH Lecture #3   Primate Evolutionary Ecology Bottom-up processes.
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