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Linguistics Lecture 1

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Linguistics 1/17/2013 3:12:00 PM January 17, 2013 Origins of Anthropology  Age of Imperialism o Britain and France (the “West”)  More knowledge of other people  anthropologists  Understood different places in terms of four kinds of differences (and also how they understood themselves) o Linguistics o Cultural o Physical (race) o Material culture  “Primitive” = hunter-gatherer  “Barbarians” = nomads  “Civilized” = agriculture Bronislaw Malinowski  Each culture responds to its own niche equally well Franz Boas  Each culture is a complex of language, culture, and physical type, and none is inferior to any other  A higher culture is one that recognizes that we are all equally human Margaret Mead  Orderly, complex customs in non-Western societies  Different psychological types in different cultural groups, but no hierarchy (don‟t evaluate people in your terms, evaluate them in their terms) Language  One system of signifying (making sense) o Others include: pictures & signs  Functions of signification o Communication  Speaker (Sender)  Hearer (Receiver)  Channel:  Spoken  Written  Electronic  Marshall McLuhan  “The medium is the message”  Regardless of its content, a new medium (Channel) will change the way we live o I.e. T.v. changed the world no matter what is playing   Coined the term “global village” o Identity formation  The way you speak helps create identity  i.e. Asians in Canada call themselves Asians but
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