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Lecture 2

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Social and Mating systems – Lecture 2 (ANTB22) Social Systems – composition of a group (# of males and # of females) & group living (cohesive) versus alone (solitary) Type Info Example Solitary/Semi-solitary Offspring live with mother until its Orangutans old enough to fend for themselves Aye-Aye animals will also come together to mate if food is clumped Pair-living One male & one female + offspring Owl monkey Live together in the same Gibbon territory/home range Single-male groups Used to be called harem (1 male and Colobus monkey 2 or more females) Paras monkey Some bachelor (all male groups) Multi-male Multiple adults of each sex Squirrel monkey & Multi-female ring-tailed lemur Fission – fusion Social groups split into smaller Spider monkey feeding parties Ruffed lemur Multi-male 1 female with many male + offspring Marmosets Single-female males provide extensive parental care Tamarins Mating systems: describes the # of copulation partners that different individuals have. Sometimes mating system is the same as social systems (not always) Type Info Example Monogamy 1 male mates with 1 female Titi monkey Polyandry 1 female mates with many males but each male Callitichids mates with only that female Polygyny 1 male mates with multiple females but each female Hamadryas mates with only
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