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Lecture 9

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Bianca Dahl

Nov 6, 2012 – Lecture 9 - ANTC61  People are living longer with HIV, hence the number of deaths from AIDS has decreased over the years  Lots of countries have begun manufacturing their own generic version of anti retroviral drugs  Means of rewarding the pharmaceutical companies who create new medications -> every invention  Argument is in this neoliberal world economy, if we didn’t provide financial rewards for doing good research in areas of medicine, etc., then people wouldn’t do that  Antiretroviral drugs have been a massive acceptance  Paul Farmer was a key figure in actually shifting the way that poor people around the world have access to these kind of drugs  Second chart: there’s an increase of the people living with HIV who are female  They figured out they’ve been doing it wrong-> conducting the statistics incorrectly  They were calculating the pregnant women visiting clinics  Haiti was blamed for being the birthplace of HIV HIV Exploits inequality  Female secondary school enrollment rates Vicious Cycle of HIV/AIDS  Economic growth falters  HIV is concentrated among the poor [Video on powerpoint]  invisibility: things become normalized -> we don’t bother about polio in Canada since we’ve eradicated it  some of the illnesses are more appealing than others  AIDS is a social disease  Education alone is NOT power  Social norms, peer pressures, gender roles  Social conservatism vs sexual promiscuity  Stigma and silence bigger killers  Many groups beyond reach of gov’t  sex workers, mobile populations  Stigmatized/disenfranchised   “the religious rights”  funding comes from them Care and Treatment  Diseases too expensive to treat cs people are too poor to treat  Logic of limited resources relegates the poor to cost effective, appropriate techonology—often prevention- only programs  ex. Expensive chemotherapy for patients with cancer  you wouldn’t use chemotherapy on anyone else since it’s so expensive  too poor means not as “valuable”  Immodest claims of causality: distract attention from interventions that
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