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University of Toronto St. George
Bianca Dahl

Oct 23, 2012- Lecture 6 NOTE: email her if we didn’t get the email from her  first person  spell check/grammar check/ proofread  Upload on Blackboard  Do not reveal outcome of HIV status  Reflect upon the last time you were at a dr’s office  Observational stuff -> like an anthropologist  Reflect on body images, structure of medicine in this country, concepts of illness, etc.  No outside citations (no bibliography) because it’s not a research paper, it’s a reflection paper  2-3 pages double spaced., etc. Final exam will be cumulative, but will FOCUS on the second half Anne Fadiman Book  story of accident  collision of 2 cultures  Viewed biomedical system as culture  “I have come to believe her life was ruined not by septic shock or noncompliant parents but by cultural misunderstanding”  (Fadiman p. 262)  Fault: the cultural framework  Arthur Klienman: 261-> get rid of the term compliance  implies hegemony  compliance implies moral hegemony-> you’re doing something not only ethically wrong, but morally wrong also  putting biomedical culture over local culture -> there are multiple pathways that people can take that are ethical and moral  We find out at the end that doctors were wrong  Culture of biomedicine is powerful  There’s been so many populations of HMONG resettled  Ex. Grand tarino  5 million in china and half a million in Indi-China  Vietnam war  HMONG were slaughtered, genocide victims, etc  Integrate  Assimilate to popular culture  Langauge: precursor to adaptation, etc  Patrick quilt metaphor; America’s a melting pot  In Canada there’s more ethnicity diversity and not following the cultural assimilation Cartesian and sociocentric self: would the problem have been solved, had the hospital had better translators  Translators needed to understand their own culture as well  Gerontocratic: Age-hierarchical -> more respect is geared towards the elderly > former teacher, I thought she would be the best possible translator. Everybody told me to get an older one, but I thought she was the best. > she was arguing with them instead, and wanted to correct them  Canadian society is not gerontocratic  We can have a naïve believe that sometimes having somebody being familiar with local culture is the right person, but there’s also a cautionary aspect: would it have been the right to ask a doctor about hmong culture (ex. The grey’s anatomy clip) Policy implication: we need to hire better people in the hospitals, better caregivers and translators who have a familiarity of the culture, but it’s not always the credentials.. Reification of culture: an Americanized women who plays in a rockband and has tongue piercing, can still believes there is something more important that her physical integrity/ultimate biological functioning -> family context, religious and spiritual beliefs that she has. How the doctors are the heroes -> they have the right questions, have the helicoptis, etc.  there is this belief that we can make gestures towards cultural senstitivity, but fundamentally he belives bcause the hmong’s father was dressed in a 3000 suit and smoking a cigar, he actually beliefs in biomedicine -> if you’re educated, you have to understand that surgery is needed.  Culture is not something that only poor people have  Certain scientific finding that suggest that there is a correlation between vaccination and autism and other childhood illnesses -> virus clip from 2 weeks ago  WAS IT A RELIGIOUS OR A MEDICAL ISSUE?
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