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Lecture 17

Lecture 17-Intro to Socio Cultural Antrho.docx

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James Stinson

How Communication Technologies Change Culture and Society "Harlem Shake" Feb 2nd 10 days later its global Marshal McLuhan "Global Village", "the medium is the message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -the global village started because of the spread of electric media "The medium is the message" -regardless of its content, a new medium (channel technology of communication) will change the way we live (e.g: should kids watch sexual tv? doesn't matter cause they will get influenced by it somehow Communication technology and politics -social media: facebook and twitter -some claim twitter plays a role in popular organization and revolutions (twitter revolutions) --Iran 2009-2010 --"Arab spring" 2010 --Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen (Bahrein, Syria = not victorious) Social Media: Two-edged sword? - Evgeny Morozov --> doesnt believe that Twitter had an effect on such revolutions and believes that the authorities are using social media just as much as the rebels who organize these events, so its pointless. Authoritarian regimes and the internet and social networks 1. Repression China: google banned Iran: Attempts to restrict internet to within IRan Cuba: LImited internet services 2. Participation China: Baidu encouraged China: "Fifty centers" Different Countries: Misinformation on the internet: character assassination --> Aug 2012. fake web sites claimed that rebels had acquired chemical weapons from Libya Communication technologies and personal life -Love in the age of online dating -Choice beyond personal encounter -Global reach -"Falling in love" with a "digital" person - A new social context to marriage? many people think the " traditional couple" is dead -A la carte choice of partner --> you fill out what you're looking for (What kind of partner do you want) --> then you are matched up with people whose choices go hand in hand with yours -->but you're just choosing certain characteristics of the person -->lack of curiosity to see who you could actually be compatible with (no mystery) -->this is not an anthropological view; bc in anthropology we are curious about people **always find out ppl arent how u expected them to be Communication Technology: the global and the local - Global, but a village? -Internet networks and culture are (almost) global... -but they leave out millions who have no internet -millions of outsiders -a globalized middle class lives along localized underclass(ppl left out by these technologies of communication) -you can understand a teenager in a non-western countries but they can't understand us -the internet creates a culture of middle class, upper class interconnection Intro: Social Cultural Anthropology What is it about? What is culture and its characteristics? How have theories changed over time? How is ethnocentrisms and cultural relativism different? What is Social Cultural Anthropology?  the study of human culture exploring cultural adaptation, a mechanism of adaptation  differences between social and cultural anthropology and other is that they focus research on current societies existing recently as opposed to past societies  ethnology: organized comparison of human societies, they used secondary data to compare and contrast diff societies  early colonial ethnologies "arm-chair anthropologists" b/c worked with materials collected by others, wasn't experienced first hand  ethnography is both research method and a product that descrivbes an intereprets a specific society or culture Why Social and Cultural Anthropology? 20th century British social anthropology, focused on concept of society (organized life in groups) sociality (propensity of people to associate with other and create social groups) concerned with exploring the roles SOCIETY American cultural anthropologists, focused more on how people expressed themselves and their world through symbolic forms (arts and myths) CULTURAL AND SYMBOLISM These two approaches have merged and united as s/c anthropology because they overlapped (merged post ww2) What is Social Cultural Anthropology?  one of the primary goals is to make strange fa
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