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ANT100: Introduction to Anthropology Thursday, September 26, 2013 Lecture Three Professor Kalmar Signifying Reality: How Signs Construct the World  Topics in Today’s Lecture: o Signification: making sense, making signs o Linguistic and non linguistic signs  Linguistics and semiotics o The Nature of Signs  Signifier and signified  Symbol icon and index  Denotation and connotation o How signs construct reality o How we construct our self  Homo sapiens- “Human that know” o Knowing: making sense  An animal/individual that makes sense of the world o To make sense= to signify  “Sign”-“ify”  The study of signs (signifying): semiotics  The study of language: linguistics o Linguistics is a part of semiotics because language is apart of signs  Semiotics is the study of Language (linguistics) Other signs (semiotics proper)  A Classic “Saussurean” View of Signification o Ferdinand de Saussure o Coined the terms “signifier” and “signified” o For every signifier there is a signified o Signified + signified = sign  Three Kinds of Signs o Symbol  Symbols are arbitrary  They have no connection to what they mean  Symbols have arbitrary relation to signified (referent)  Connected only via that system of signification (e.g. Language)  E.g. the barbers pole  Arbitrary is opposite of motivated  If you say the word moose in English, you must understand the English language to understand the meaning (Language is arbitrary) ANT100: Introduction to Anthropology Thursday, September 26, 2013 Lecture Three Professor Kalmar  Most words are arbitrary (symbols)  Cat  Happy  Scrambled  Totally  But there are words that not pure symbols: moo, oink, splash, scratch o These words are onomatopoeia o These words are icons o Icon  Icons share some of their physical from (shape, sound, etc.) with the referent  Sign with a moose, has a picture of moose on it and the moose actually looks like it in real l
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