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University of Toronto St. George
Sharon Kelly

Quiz next week: Lec 2 Modernity and nature September-17-13 Sept 24 3:45 PM King Kong, 1933 - Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot) - Fay Wray (Ann Darrow) - Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) Review: Definitions = static and authoritative Scripting (key concept in the course) = script or role or "parts", flexible, everyone has different interpretations and understandingsof it Primitivism - Attached to colonialism - Processes of European expansion Scripts that challenge dominate understanding of Nature - Example the movie with 2 guys providing a script for Nature - White-Stevens and carson Consequences of different scripts - Shape policies, shape interactions Modernity - Key moment, significant things happen - Nature - cultural dualism - Bruno Latour quote ** ○ Asymmetrical - 2 contradicting ideas ○ Dualism suggestion ○ Modernity is birthplace of dualism - hidden birth, mostly people have been talking about the birth of humans and the birth of humans  The birth of human consists of the simultaneous birth of non-human  Nature is separate from human  You cant have the birth of human without the birth of non human - Religious, latin, liturgical music (associated with church), choir, gregorian chant, medieval period, christianity - Copernicus - Francis Bacon - Rene Descartes - Thinking statue - "The Thinker" (Le Penseur, by Auguste Rodin) ○ Lone figure ○ Focus is on the power of his mind ○ Shift to nature Great Chain of Being - Hierarchy of creation; power dynamic (higher on top the more important and powerful) - The order is based on the amount of animation / attributes/ properties that thing has - Static and does not change - Dominant scripting of nature ○ God is at the top ○ Man is above woman - Aristotle - Law of gravity - Isaac Newton Nature as God's Museum - Nature and creation is like God's museum Nature / Culture - What's the nature of the connection of human and non-human? - Thomas Hobbes - Jean Jacques Rousseau - 'Gone Primitive' book by Marianna Torgovonick - Dual scriptings of the primitive - Charles Darwin -
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