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Sharon Kelly

Lec 4 Primitive / Modern October-01-13 4:00 PM - Moving through 5 stages: 1. Start here: What is Nature? 2. Definitions: 9 different uses 3. Nature Scripts/ Roles: Nature = Wilderness vs. Nature = resource 4. Dominant Nature Scripts/Roles: Nature/Cultural Dualism + Modern human subject (Great Chain of being, Age of Reason, Enlightenment) 5. Dominant Nature Scripts/Roles: e.g. Primitive/Civilized - - > with links to nature/cultural dualism (Victorian Evolutionism 19thc) Marianna Torgovnick - Gone Primitive: ○ Voyeurism at work: The Us/Them dynamic ○ "we" usually refers to the populations that are considered normative and empowered - European or of European ancestry. And the superior we imagines a "primitive" them - Marianna Torgovnick wants us to feel uncomfortable about this us/them dynamic and to critically evaluate how notions of a primitive "them" contribute to production of a civilized "us" - She aruges that it is much of a dualism, that puts some people in superior category while some people are in inferior category ○ Inferior is connected to race, gender, sexuality, and culture - With nature, people of color (the darker the skin = close to nature), strong racialised overtones - Stanley meets Livingstone 1872 ○ Primitive/civilized text ○ Under 19thc Victorian Evolutionism there is an evolutionary spectrum ○ Nature on one end and culture on the other ○ Dark skinned at the bottom of the scale (nature), and the Europeans on the cultural end of the evolution spectrum ○ Scriptings are highly problematic - -associated with sexism, racism and issues of gender King Kong 1933 - Start off in NYC, journey headed by Carl Denon on boat - "The Beast was a tough guy too. He could lick the world, but when he saw Beauty, she got him. He went soft. He forgot his wisdom and the little fellas licked him." ○ Female beauty - as a natural quality is a dangerous one...why? Because there is something in the nature of males that will respond to this beauty, ○ Suggests that the reaction of the male can be irrational, suggests that there is something primeveal in the irrationality of male thinking when he sees a natural beauty ○ Nature is heterosexual (male attraction to female)  Thus… Other sexes are not part of nature - The woman "beautiful by nature" ○ White, blonde, represents something of beauty ○ Women are "trouble" "dangerous" - Directors: Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack ○ Met at WW1 ○ Made their career by filming tribal people lives (such as films Grass and Chang) ○ Primoridal human struggles against in harsh environments… - Schoedsack's wife Ruth Rose (whom he met on a boat), she wrote the script for King Kong***
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