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Sharon Kelly

Lec 5 Female - Male dualism October-08-13 4:05 PM Nature - Culture Primitive - civilized Domestic - public Country(wilderness) - city Body - mind Instinct - reason Female - male - Nature-culture dualism is aligned with other dualism - Different aspects of the dualism can become salient (the most significant part, stands out) - These dualisms work together, but some become salient - King Kong - primitive/civilized dualism, resonants with nature/culture dualism Nature - Culture - The ways in which humans separate themselves from nature - or see themselves as superior to nature - are cultural artifacts. These are to be critically examined rather than be adopted as assumptions to be shared. - Sherry Ortner, UCLA professor (author of one of the readings) ○ Second wave feminist ○ 70s article ○ Humans of hunting and gathering ○ There is a correlation that makes female closer to nature, rooted in nature ○ Affinity / rootedness, closer to nature but not exactly the same as nature Nature - Culture Female - Male - King Kong, "the wall" - Nature-culture divide - The wall is what distinguishes the primitive and civilized - "Some like it ...Hot"film by Billy Wilder(?)) 1959
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