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University of Toronto St. George
Sharon Kelly

Lec 1 Course Intro September-19-13 1:36 PM ANT348 Anthropology of Health Prof Krista Maxwell TA Asli Zengin Lecture 1 – Thurs, Sept 12 Syllabus… Course Assessment - First reading response due next week (10am strict deadline, blackboard will close) o The reading response is regarding the WEEK OF reading (because readings will be discussed the following day) - Suggested format: o Intro main argument of the readings o How the readings relate o And maybe most of the article focus on one article o Will not be penalized if not mentions textbook o No bibliography needed, but need citation if intext cite o AAA citation - Textbook for course has not arrived yet… - Each group has diff due date (check blackboard) o Group 1 (due dates)  Sept 18  Oct 9  Nov 6 - 3 short (1-1.5 pages) reading response - First reading response is only 5%, the other two are 10% each Correction to syllabus: - Use turnitin is most preferred - Pg5 third bullet point: o One or more points which you found particularly interesting in one or more readings o Also – why? Analytical Problem Statement and Annotated Bibliography assignment - Will be building or discussed further in final exam - Should have 2 copies Lecture… What does an Anthropology of Health look like to you? #6 - #1) Sperm and Ovum o have more clinical and biomedical approach - #2) Mother and child o Overlap in health and kinship/ family relationships - #3) Pills o Pharmacology o Drugs legalization / illegalization; power relations behind it - #4) Two aboriginal women looking at the Canada food guide o Policies, political economy on food and nutrition o Historical component to what is „healthy‟ o Colonial and imperial relations - #5) Doctors in training Westernized and non-western health expectations and applications o Westernized and non-western health expectations and applications - #6) Interaction with local people o Participation observation (major anthropological strategy) – to help understand and learn about community and treatments o Stereotypical image of anthropologist; „hero-rescuer‟ Discussion of today‟s readings Hea
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