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Sharon Kelly

Lec 2 Making the strange familiar September-19-13 12:06 PM Regarding reading responses: - Each paragraph should have one main idea - Use reverse outline - Keep topic close to text ***Health is Social - subjectivity and illness experience Illness experience and subjectivities - Jain: making space for "agency and human materiality of suffering and death" (p506) - Das & Das: make meaning out of illness experiences in the context of socialities and 'local ecologies' of treatment - Berry: safe motherhood campaign is attempting to transform Mayan women's subjectivites, from relational to autonomous Subjectivity - Berry gives a definition of subjectivity: ○ "someone's own understanding of his or her place in the world (…) an individual's internal processes, dispositions, or understandings, as opposed to other people's judgments or attributions about an individual" (p5) ○ Self-awareness and self-identity as constituted in a particular social and historical context and in dynamic relations with social relations and historical processes ○ Sense of who they are is shaping their environment and things around them - Jain experiences breast cancer as a queer gendered woman - Gender identity is fluid and socially constructed - P514 - decision whether or not to have the other breast removed due to mastectomy - When she showed her mastectomy scars and lifted her shirt in the yoga class ○ Its about Audre Lorde ○ Breast cancer is a cult, ○ Attention and witness of this kind of truth Act Up: Kissing doesn't kill (1989-1991) - Advertisement - Challenging boundaries - Not surprising (now) but back in the 90s .. It may have been - Construct health and illness issues Discussion Questions (similar questions will be on exam) 1. What does Jain mean by describing cancer as "the perfect capitalist disease"? - branding; sell more things - pulls at emotions, cancer touches a lot of people - people can relate and will purchase - breast cancer affects mostly women - cancer is relatable - notions of femininity - breast cancer is good for marketing because the disease affects mostly people past working age...and the consumer target are mostly younger people 2. What is "corporate pinkwashing"? - branding and attaching the idea of supporting breast cancer with the idea of pink ribbons and other things that has attached meaning for support of Breast Cancer research and fundraising - not only about distracting horror and suffering of the disease, but also palatable of the high relevancy of the disease - consumers are helpers -> idea that by purchasing these products consumers are in a ways believed that they are helping in some way - lifestyle - sympathetic and sentimental attachment of disease to make profit 3. What is the "unique neighbourhood ecology of care" which Das & Das describe? (p78) - neighborhood pharmacist has a way of providing medication, with fixed price - relief not a cure (p78) - offer referrals to private practitioners - primary health care providers get commission for referral to secondary or tertiary level providers (such as specialists or hospitals) - usually the primary practitioners will refer to secondary providers once they know the patient is about to die… - this shows that it's about profit 4. What political work does sentimentality do, according to Jain? - being emotional and sentimental, saying how tragic this disease is - individuated .…"loss of my mother, my sister.." etc - also collective and social - acceptability, - consumerism Lectures Page 1 - consumerism - prov
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