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Lecture 5

Language, Culture, and Freedom Linguistics lecture 5 slide notes. (underlined in blue means need to know)

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University of Toronto St. George
Ivan Kalmar

Feb 1711 Linguistics Lecture 5 Language Culture and FreedomLanguage and signifying behaviours in general limits what one can say think and doOften below the level of our consciousnessLimiting innovation preserves the social order and can be hegemonic process of gaining peoples consentSo how free are weLecture ThemesInvoluntary messages 1 Metaphor 2 Social dialects 3 Registers 4 Hegemony Three Approaches a Manufacturing conest b Conformity and Resistance c IncorporationInvoluntary Messages MetaphorYoure wasting my timeVoluntary message I dont want to spend time with youInvoluntary message time is a commodityTime is not literally a commodity but only metaphorically soMetaphoric SystemsGeorge Lakoff and Mark Johnson Metaphors We Live By 1980Time is a commodity ex I have time I saved time Give me some of your time etcArgument is war ex I demolished his position your argument does not hold water Zimiri passed her PhD defences etcUsing such metaphors reinforces cultural assumptions and hegemony Loveis war she boasted of her conquests she resisted his advances is an uncontrollable force she fell in love with him he swept her off her feetis a business transaction shes shopping for a partner he checked her out meat market
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