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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Biopower and Citizenship - October 10.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Tania Li

October 10, 2013. Lecture 5 – Biopower, Citizenship, and Health Exam Shiat  October 24th  Exam conditions  90 minutes  First section: 15 short answer questions, no choice  Second section: one essay question, choice, 10 points  All readings, lectures, and in-class discussion up to and including week 6 (Oct 17 ) Social Constructionism: Theoretical and Methodological Contributions to Medical Anthropology  1. Construction of biomedical knowledge as a social and cultural process  2. Dialectical relationship between biomedical knowledge and social relations  3. Discourse analysis as a methodological approach (Foucault) Overview of Class: Biopolitics, Citizenship, and Health  1. Understanding the shift: Sovereign Power vs. Biopower  2. Subjectification  3. Example from Berry  4. Biopower and segregation/social hierarchization  5. Example of immigrant health  6. Discussion: biopolitics of Safe Motherhood Initiative  7. More examples: sexuality and the medicalization of menopause (Lock’s “Local Biology”) Foucault’s Biopower  Governmentality: Foucault term for the distinct arts and political rationality of modern governments o Biopower being specific branch of governmentality dealing with the power over life  Shift from sovereign power to modern power in 17 century  Sovereign Power o Repressive o Unidirectional/Top-down o Can “take life or let live” o Object: Expansion of territory/wealth o Embodied in the monarch (or repressive totalitarian state)  Biopower o Productive o Multi-directional, decentralized, dispersed o Works through regulation of life itself o Object: control of life o Embodied in the work of institutions, expert knowledge and discourses, internalized practices of normalizations and self-discipline (Subjectification)  Judith Butler: “a double process of ‘becoming subordinated by a power as well as of becoming a subject’”  Modern power works through individual bodies and populations o Individual bodies  Anatomo-politics  Rosario’s death; subject of study is the person and the body o Popu
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