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University of Toronto St. George
Tania Li

September 12, 2013. Lecture 1 – Intro to Course and Polio in Nigeria What does Medical Anthropology Look Like to You?  Drugs o Legal and illegal drugs, implications behind making some substances legal and not others o Pharmacology  Motherhood o Health in kinship  Canada food guide (nutrition) o Two aboriginal women looking with great enthusiasm o Discrepancy between public health notions of nutrition and cultural practices (what foods they can eat) o Economy of food, what foods different regions can access o Historical component to what is healthy o Colonial and imperial views on health  Medicine, doctors, hospitals o Western and non-Western methods of addressing health and medicine  Helping, aid o Touches upon colonial aspect, white male physician hero persona helping out the impoverished black people  Fertility, impregnation, biology o Wasn’t picked due to it being a more clinical or biomedical approach o Deconstruction of clinical views of impregnation to be studied, about how there is a social structure and implication to how we view impregnation  With the sperm being depicted as a her
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