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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Global Health - November 14.docx

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Tania Li

November 14, 2013. Lecture 9 – Global Health Central Tension in Anthropology of Health  Health as a lens through which to analyse broader social questions – particularly relating to relations of power (Fassin) o Global health has emerged as a whole new way of thinking; a new field of investigation  Anthropology as a tool to produce knowledge in the service of health interventions (Pfeiffer and Nichter) Colonialism and Imperialism  Colonialism: “The conquest and control of other people’s lands and goods” (Ania Loomba)  Imperialism: a) global system for capitalist domination (Marxist/Leninist), b) process of political and/or economic domination of other peoples, their lands and natural resources (Loomba) Packard: “Culture of Development”  Malaria was understood as political and economic by United States and backers of the eradication campaigns and local governments, who were able to make use of malaria eradication interventions for their own local political and to some extent economic gain o Very coercive methods; not asking for cooperation; came in, sprayed everything, then left without offering much of an explanation o Militaristic approaches o Technological focus rather than social or economic analysis o Cold War: competition between US and Soviet methods; US attempting to “win the hearts and minds” of malaria ridden nations through DDT spraying so that they don’t submit to communism and join the Soviet Union  1. Technical approaches rather than attention to social and economic contexts  2. Social science moulding behaviour  3. Evolutionary model of cultural difference, modern:traditional dichotomy  4. External expertise required to help southern countries to “develop”; local knowledge disregarded  5. Militaristic approaches to disease eradic
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