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ANT348 November 7th Lecture Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Victor Barac

ANT348 November 7, 2013 Final Exam: – similar to midterm with one additional essay question – two kinds of essay questions : one more comprehension based, focused on particular readings. Second more conceptual. Choice in both sections. Colonialism and Heath: – conceptual tool for thinking about the interface between health and power – Berry: Spanish Colonization (500 years ago) how is this relevant to talking about maternal mortality? Indigenous peoples can be leveraged for economic gain – this provides a backdrop for how the indigenous populations are seen. Specific connections: how the government sees them, the relationship. How did the Spanish facilitate exploitation? Se them up to extract indigenous labour/land. What were some of the social effects? Spanish seen as the dominant language. 3 tiers: top: Spanish (full-European Spanish born), 2: Latinos (mixed-race but rd Spanish speaking), 3 tier: Indigenous (Mayans). Latinos worked as the middle men, translators, working for the state, would facilitate communication. Violence? Legacy of colonial relations between the state and indigenous peoples caused a genocide in the mid 1980s, almost all of them were Mayans. Those at risk (most) for maternal mortality are Mayans. B
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