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Gary Coupland

March 11, 2013 - Northern Northwest Coast = Tlingit, Haida, Coast Salish o All three groups matrilineal – called the ‘northern matrilineal cultures’ Kitselas Canyon - Located on the Skeena R., mear Terrace B.C., in Kitselas/Tsimshian territory - 5-phase cultural sequence, beginning ca. 5000 BP 1. Bornite phase: 5000-4300 BP; foragers, mobile, egalitarian, microblades (obsidian traded in to make these blades) 2. Gitaus phase: 4300-3600 BP; no micro blades now (end of that tradition), see pebble tools (common but not tradition though); seasonal occupation of fishing location of coastal people (paddle over during summer to fish there and then come winter, they leave to go closer to the coast rather than on the coast); forager to collector transition 3. Skeena phase: 3600-3200 BP; developed chipped stone tool industry (bifaces, unifaces) – finding unique chert to make these tools from – similar to technology you find with the interior Athapaskans in the canyon 4. Paul Mason phase: 3200-2500 BP; permanent village site (10 house features – all roughly equal in size, none looked better than the other – permanent village, 10 houses, salmon fishing, no evidence of social inequality); oldest “village” site on the NWC; salmon abundance; but no evidence of CHG (social inequa
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