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Hillary Cunningham

ANT110 Oct.8th Nature Culture Dualism -nature - culture; -primitive - civilized; -domestic - public; -country - city; -body - mind; -instinct - reason; -female - male; Nature - Culture (see slide Nature-Culture) -The ways in which humans separate themselves from nature - or see themselves as superior to nature - are cultural artifacts. These are not to be critically examined rather than be adopted as assumptions to be shared. Female - Male: Nature - Culture -Sherry Ortner: an anthropologist who grows up during the 1970s when sexism movement was in the centre of the stage -she suggests there's a universal correlation between female and nature -female identity is rooted in nature: "rootness", "fetidity" "Some Like It...Hot" -a film made in 1959 - a white male heterosexual voyage into the female world Tootsie, 1982 -an interesting voyage of a white male actor adapting females' traits and personalities -in the end, Dustin Hoffman who plays the main character, talks about the "woman" within himself -the line between males and females is now challenged and crossed Mrs.Doubtfire, 1993 -(Robin Williams) the main character poses as a nanny to visit his children -technology in the film has changed dramatically from the previous ones -the humour and cross-dressing theme within the film are also scripts of nature ₭ Sherry Ortner's View on Women (see slide Ortner Ideals & Picture) -female beauty is treated as a "spinning character" who is between nature and culture and more affiliated with nature: -a middle position between culture and nature; -a mediating element; -an ambiguous status; -all societies make a distinction of some sort between nature and culture, with nature viewed as secondary to culture. Universally, "the female" is regarded as closer to nature... -1. Through female physiology (her biological role as childbearer) -2. Through female social roles (her social connection to the domestic realm) -3. Through the female psyche (like na
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