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Hillary Cunningham

ANT110 Oct.22nd Niagara: "The Honeymoon Capital" (continued introduction) -Film Noir (1946-1953) -usually Film Noir is in black and white: ambiguity between black and white - good and evil -the film's poster with Marilyn Monroe combined with the Niagara Fall shows the beauty of nature and the beauty of female/love -the parallel between Polly and Rose is the centre throughout the movie -Ray Coulter: a typical white man with visions of American Dream; ambitious -a new technique is used in the movie to allow the camera to get as close as possible to the fall without getting any moisture -the movie shows the condition and mentality of American society in 1953 - the Cold War - the tension between traditional godful American values and the new totalitarian communism values -the power of nature compared to the power of female sexuality -another theme: women are doubted in front of the new medical establishment; both Polly and Rose are subjected to this medical authority as they are viewed as insane when men want to -crossing of the U.S.-Canadian border shadows Rose's crossing of the moral border -part of the American Code is: good guys should be in the centre of the art work, and the bad guy should be punished Niagara: "The Honeymoon Capital" (continued) -"Don't let the falls
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