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Hillary Cunningham

ANT110 Dec.3rd Review -What is Nature? -there are many different definitions of nature. -Nature Scripting -based on Maria Kaika's ideas: Nature isn’t a self-evident category. It's "discursively constructed," which in plain language means it can adopt different roles and meanings in our lives. Although "nature" can play many "parts", it has some characteristic roles. -The Four Questions -Which "scripts" (interpretations) come to dominate our understandings of Nature? -Which "scripts" challenge dominant understandings of Nature? -Where can we see Nature-scripts being played out? -What are the implications (consequences) of different kinds of Nature-scripts? -*The way we think and define ourselves determines our actions; Everything has consequences. -What are some consequences of our thinking? -BP Oil Spill: the largest accidental oil spill in history; April.20th, 2010 -this accident demonstrates our brain framework as that if anything disastrous happens, we can just come up with new technologies to fix the bad consequences. -Hannah Fraser: a mermaid model who poses as a marine protection activist -Air Quality: air condition in urban cities in China and Ontario -*NASA's Picture of the Earth: the rotated one gives the impression of the northern orientation, which indicates hieratical race/country/wealth order; it also suggests that earth is the centre of the universe - it's on top of the moon -However, the original one taken from side-ways is a bit disturbing and uncomfortable; it suggests emotion and the sense of nature? It seems that the photographer is floating, unstrained from gravity, typical frameworks, and traditional ideas (orders, rules). -Modernity -"Modernity is often defined in terms of humanism. Either as a way of saluting the birth of 'man' or as a way of announcing his death. But this habit itself is modern, be
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