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Lecture 3

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ANT472- Week 3 Lecture • This week’s important questions= who are the Japanese? What is Japanese culture? • US is very important in Japanese history (strong influence in the development) • Russia is also quite important • “ Modern Japans uneasy relationships with its own history and traditions on the one hand and with modernity and the west on the other are 2 of the key characteristics of this period” • In many ways, this is the period in which Japan sought to square this circle and forge its own modernity in the face of the industrial expansion of the West Construction of Japan as a “Modern Artifact”- Suzuki • Contexts: Mid 19 early 20 century shift from Ka-I Order to Nation-State, a response to the Western colonial expansion • Points: language, symbols and visual images are used to create the sense of difference and national identity, the frontier Others play an important role in defining national identity, identity construction is relational and situational A nation as an “imagined community”- Benedict Anderson • Constructed by technologies  Print media  Standardized language  The common symbols • These technologies raise the new consciousness of comradery among diverse people Pacific Century: Meji Revolution (film from week 2) • How did Japans relation with China change? • What are some of the key strategies and standards adapted to make Japan as a modern nation-state? • How did the Japanese adapt “things Western”? Who started? What were the interests a concerns? • How did commoners experience the transition? • The transition to industrialized society was very rapid as they were afraid of being colonized and taken over by the US so they needed to learn quickly and defend themselves (they were already very late in their transition) • The people in Japan learned about the other people in the world prior to Peri coming through the Dutch, they were aware that at some point Europeans would reach out to them prior to this actually occurring (this was exemplified by the fact that they were very interested in China) Europeans were getting stronger and were looking to expand their trade routes • Meji was young but he was a strong symbol for Japan • Education was also very, very important • On
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