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University of Toronto St. George
Shawn Lehman

Signifying Reality - How Signs Construct the World Last time was Language, Culture, Prejudice • Nature vs . Nurture? • Adaptation. • Human universals and divisions • Prejudice: racism, ethnocentrism • Anthropology and imperialism: history • (not done: Anthropology and ethnocentrism; cultural relativism) Signifying Reality: How Signs Construct the World • Signification: making sense, making signs • Linguistic and non-linguistic signs o Linguistic signs: every word, language is a sign system • The nature of signs: o Signifier and signified o Symbols, icon, index o Denotation and connotation • How signs "construct" reality • How we construct our self Homo sapiens - "human that knows" • Knowing: making sense (reflecting, representing) • To make sense = to signify o [sign-ify] • Study of signs (signifying): semiotics • Study of language: linguistics • Linguistics is part of semiotics Semiotics is the study of : • Language (linguistics) • Other signs (semiotics proper) A Classic ("Saussurean") View of Signification Ferdinand de Saussure, 1857-1913 o Swiss scholar, he never published anything. His students were writing down every word he said, writing the book to general semiotics • "signifier" and "signified" • Example: Winding road sign (Signifier + Signified) o Physical object is the signifier, the metal plate o The concept or notion of the winding road is the signified. • Signifier + Signified = Sign (must include both!!) Three kinds of sign • Symbol • Icon • Index Icon • Icons share some of their physical form (shape, sound, etc.) with the referent o Icons are a physical manifestation of a person, and it forms an icon • Two icons: Picture of a TA, and a warning sign of moose Index • Indexes do not share any of their form with the referent ... o We cannot say that the moose scat is the moose itself. This is an indication of the form. • … they don't sound / look "the same" as the referent … o The excrement does not look like a moose… but it indicates the moose • … yet they "indicate" what they refer to • Two indexes: Poison and moose scat (excrement) Symbol: arbitrary • Symbols have arbitrary relation to signified ("referent") o Connected only via the system of signification (e.g. language) • Arbitrary is opposite of "motivated" o Motivated: icons and indexes • Two symbols: Flag of St.George and barber pole Most words are arbitrary (symbols) • Cat, Chat, etc… no reason for it to be a cat • Happy - same as cat, no reason for it • Scrambled • Totally • But some words are not symbols: moo, oink, splash, scratch o These are onomatopoeia o Are onomatopoeia symbols, icons, or indexes? o These are icons, they represent the sound, but they do represent an index of the object the sound is associated with. Examples (from the online book) • Telephone icon • Airplane icon for "airplane"; index for "airport" (actually two different signs) • Crescent moon star symbol ("Islam") • Yin-Yang index ("Tao") • Turn icon (turn as indicated, "back") • Windows icon, indexic
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