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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Review of Current Work - January 13.docx

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Tania Li

January 13, 2014. Lecture 2 – Reviews of Current Work Medical med-anth journals hold most weight, of all ant getting a grasp on culture is institutionalized in hospitals; some hire teams to cater to particular ethnic/immigrant communities question: why do they do this? Why is anthro of interest to medicine? biomedicine not valued in same way in all many diseases/conditions more prevalent in some peoples than others; variation in diseases kuru: a neurological disorder caused by an infectious disease; if not treated w/in days, is fatal; interesting b/c Papa New Guinea Foré people had it more than any others in the world females and children x7-8 more likely to get it kuru = “slow virus” (1970s, Nobel Prize winner for this discovery: Daniel Carleton Gajdusek) anthrops observed ritual of endo-cannibalism disease kuru = neurological; foray custom = eat a small part of the relative, out of respect/reverence; body prepared by the relatives, fires while men were in the field; first part women ate was brain & gave to the young (brain is where kuru is concentrated) Identity Identity politics: emerges out of left vs. right politics  Worthng class labour rights 20 century gives way to people asserting identity based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc. Human rights: UN Declaration of Human Rights post WW2 Ideas surrounding humans having inherent rights, who is human, etc. Pre WW2 literature on the topic of “race” was a big deal, the idea of race in general was a big deal Now anthropology is concerned with going after “racial” thinking, everyone is the same race, same species, etc. Some indigenous communities rejecting this, claiming they must be a different species from the rest of us Sexual identity Social Movements Behaviour affected and shaped by culture Unique and diverse history to different cultures Anthropologists were important to SouthAfrican (anti)apartheid movements Counterculture: culture not conforming to status quo Beat poets, hippies, punks, goths, etc. Consumption habits help define counter cultures; music, clothing, literature Social movements arise in opposition to something, whether a specific event or general issue Developme
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