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October 25th Lecture - Modern Times Movie

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University of Toronto St. George
Hillary Cunningham

Modern Times – 1936 Society – the role of drugs in the culture. - do we need to be high on cocaine to make it in society? - Being in jail is better than being out in society - “We’re not burglars – we’re hungry” St. THOMAS agustus – taking food when there is food available is not stealing because everyone has the right to eat - juxtaposition of poverty and wealth – the woman puts on all the rich clothes and looks like a model - people are starving, but the rich people are eating delicacies in the bakery - why should 1% of the population control 99% of the wealth - he’s suggesting in modern times can you have an equitable society – or geared towards an elite (only the rich can enjoy the fruits of the earth) - 1960 – discrepancy between line worker and CEO – CEO making 20xs as much as the line-worker - now it’s 1-464x as much - the “American dream” – they’re out in nature and they dream about the good life in a house where nature yields them everything without them having to put energy into it - the shack was paradise until “work was available again” then he said “I’ll get us a real home” - time as a metaphor – heirloom watch completely flattened out, all the tools flattened by the machine – everything is swallowed by the machine. - The tramp becomes the feeding machine - The end is them walking away from society to nature The Natural City - Garden City, Ebeneezer Howard Happiest in prison, then love relationship with the woman He’s a different person at the end Outside the modern times they’re going to find their happiness They had their “American dream” si
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