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Lecture 8

Anthro Lecture 8 Note

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University of Toronto St. George
Hillary Cunningham

ANT 110 – Lecture 8 – Nov 1 19 century – putting all of nature on display (the relationship btwn humans and nature gets rescripted and captured in a different way = new world view) romanticism – engineer as new Prometheus (critique = Frankenstein, taking nature into our own hands and we have to take responsibility for it) – problemetising the role of the scientist – ethical critique (Jurassic park) modern times – boundary btwn a human and a machine is becoming very blurred (small percentage of people experience leisure while the others are working) – the people become like the machines themselves new critique of the city – crowded, dirty, work, alienation – the tramp going into the imaginary pastoral place (cow and milk) sense that the country side becomes a pastoral landscape that acts as a counterpart to the ils of city living – love, food, tranquil, romanticisation the ending is them going off into the wilderness (paradise lost) the little shack they set up – is kind of ambiguous (btwn wilderness and city) - different scriptings of nature Reading: Leo Marx – The Garden Second nature –karl marx - thought that anything that was scene and used by humans becomes second nature Nature untouched by humans = first nature Nature with some human involvement = second nature We enter into an instrumental relationship with nature = second nature China Syndrome – 1979 – context of romantic reaction - no
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