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University of Toronto St. George
Sharon Kelly

Lecture 1 January-07-14 12:04 PM Winter Term professor: Sharon Kelly Research Essay Proposal due Jan. 21 Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3pm Room AP344 Occasional Quizzes (short and straightforward, focus on reading comprehension) - Surprise / pop quizzes - Marked only for completion (not for marks.. But for participation mark) Participation mark: - Blog - Pop quiz - Meeting in office hours Textbook is on short term loan as well Essay Proposal - Theoretical framework or typology - Topic need to be specific! - Intent, what is it? - Min 3 academic sources in proposal ○ Scholarly , peer-reviewed ○ Relevant sources, not necessarily have to be anthropological - Proposal ○ Due by Friday Jan 24 latest ○ Making and supporting argument ○ Narrow topic - Essay ○ Due via Blackboard Theory & Ethnography - Is anthropology theory-driven or ethnography-driven .. Or both? - Last semester was theoretical, this semester more ethnographic - What is the role of theory in ethnography? Fieldwork Theory - Nader (today's reading / author) ○ The two are integrated ○ Actual practice of doing ethnography, anthropology enter the field, choices make in the field, how to bound their research, and how they interact with the participants ○ Ethnography grounded in life not text ○ Act of doing as opposed to the writing that comes afterwards ○ Real world questions ○ Engage with real world rather than theoretical abstraction ○ Why did she write this paper? ○ A need in anthropology ○ Concern of place of anthropology in relation to other discipline ○ Lack of theoretical insight coming from the field  Thought that it can not be extrapolated from other disciplines ○ Sense that it does not compel with other anthropologists in other disciplines Forcing people (like Freud, Fraser..) engage with real world that can upset generalized theory they made up, that were ○ not really relevant to real world but only due to western knowledge ○ e.g. Freud Totemism - apply psychoanalysis to anthropological theory  Belief that one's tribe has a spiritual connection with an animal  Can not eat or kill that animal  Incest taboos - can not marry or sleep with some
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