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Lecture 7

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Sharon Kelly

Lecture 7 There is a quiz next week (wrapping up of book) February-25-14 1:11 PM Public Anthropology Bourgois - 4 Types of Violence - see Portal for definitions - Structural - Symbolic - Everyday - Intimate These overlap and influence each other, and can generate other types of violence e.g. symbolic lead to intimate violence… Breakdown of social order El Barrio is neglected by the order of the state - Eg.. Picking up garbage / cleaning of the streets, fixing fire hydrants Gang Rape (in the book) - Bourgois considered writing or not this section for several reasons ○ Cause the reader dismiss empathy that has been developed prior to this section ○ And reject them immediately after reading this section, and stereotype them again ○ He fear that people would stop identifying with them, and label them as sociopaths ○ And worried that they will be labelled as worthless ○ On the flip side - he worried that rape would be seen as too comprehensible, and logical, ○ He was worried that he would become 'sensitized' ○ Seeing violence in every turn, he would be immune to it ○ He was shocked and apalled, and was worried about his complacent reaction ○ He was buying those rationalizations ○ He was worried about contributing to a pornography of violence  He didn't want to create an account  Violence imposed itself on him  These stories were told him ○ He felt it was his responsibility to talk about these stories presented /told to him - Bourgois is critical of researchers who shy away from those who suffer, ○ Those who moralize the poor, and only attempt to show them as worthy and poor, ○ Portrayal of the poor - He wants to recognize that these people are victims and they are victimized ○ He sees it as his duty to draw attention to this ○ He was to break us away from condemming these people and recognize the real world of structural violence ○ Structural violence results in doing some horrific things to themselves and others - He wants to lay bare all these violences made visible - Domestic violence is routinely connected with a lot of state activity
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