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Lecture 8

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Sharon Kelly

Lecture 8 Presentations: Singapore + Mumbai March-04-14 12:46 PM Reminder: - Essay due next week! - Office hour today extended 2:30-4:30 (room 344 AP) - Wrap up Bourgois - Move on to Zhang's in Search of Paradise (short intro video) Check Portal - for examples for reference style **AAA style / chicago In text: (Author, year:#) Wrap up Bourgois discussion - Bourgois admits he doesn't deal well with gender, people character in his book - were mostly men - Patriarchy and crisis ** - Men are losing their authoritarian power, and lash out those closest to them (women and children) - Sexual violence and domestic assault - When searching for respect - also attached to masculinity, they are searching for masculinity - Ability to be a working class patriarch - Confronted by unemployment and social marginalization - Become impotent - Loss of masculinity - Source of ambivalent respect - celebrated - P158 ○ Rejection of social marginalization ○ Terriristed vulnerability ○ Deny vulnerability by terrorising women and children ○ Attack those who are more vulnerable than they are to find masculinity ○ Masculinity and femininty - Carving greater autonomy for themselves - Candy - she shoots her husband in the gut ○ She experience structural and restraints as the men in el barrio ○ Gain respect ○ Act like man ○ Gain economic independence - going into drug economy ○ Loud and proud, dominering ○ Spires fear in others - Bourgois feels nervous for Candy and Ray tells him she knows how to get respect - Because she spires fear in others she is somewhat protected - Inverting patriarchy and act like men - Sometimes neglect her children - She flaunts her sexual conquest - Primo thinks she is intimidating so he breaksup with her (after candy and felix broke up they had a relationship) - What is candy's story tell about feminity?  Exaggerated performance  Traditional jibaro sense of men sense of dignity and performance  Cultural expectation of the society, as a woman, wife, and lover  Cultural femininity  When Candy shoots felix, - she freed herself from her abusive cheating husband  She sees herself as actually / also performing puerto rican womanhood  Traditional sanctioned woman who is in love with an unfaithful man (he slept with her sister)  In this framework, idiom of romantic love and sexuality  She is consumed by jealousy  Culture of her mother and grandma emancipation  Straddling masculine and feminine domain (entering drug trade herself)  But she falls deeply in love with primo in the process  Life strategy - eloping? (leaving your household to marry a man to escape) - she did this when felix raped her when she was…15?  Bourgois gives her a lot of credit, for being able to be independence and take care of her children - What kinds of social constraints in candy's story?  Success in labor market  Drug trade must be able to balance - penal system and welfare system  Cuts and federal budgets  You can't survive on welfare - esp supporting family with several children  2 separate Social security (to get welfare in one and to work in another) and sell drugs  A lot of these are seen in Candy's story  Independent of parents are desirable - loophole way to gain sense of responsibility  Women with children are given priority for welfare and social housing  Women who are living in abusive households, or suffocated in many ways..can gain independence and financial stability
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