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Lecture 9

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Sharon Kelly

Lecture 9 March-11-14 1:23 PM Book: Zhang "In Search of paradise" - Highest private home ownership in the world - Rapid shift - About social and spatial implications of housing in china - 3 key aspects to transformation  Social  Spatial  Political - Social transformation ○ Creation of middle class ○ And creation of new class subjects - Spatial transformation ○ People distributed throughout the city ○ Spatial … reveal something about their social status - Political transformation ○ Diff modes of community governing - Rise of home ownership ○ New industries - e.g. real estate industry ○ New class and class subjectivities ○ Reveal consumption of housing ○ Class is generated through housing ○ Given expression through this - Residents cluster into communities - Upscale gardens, - Your status determined by where you live - People spend less time in public sphere - Now - common for middle class to live in nuclear family unit - Shift in sociality - Whats unique? ○ Class composition established ○ Through this book, see class -making ○ Under Mao, class was denied .. Not existent, abolished under Mao's leadership - New middle class marked by 3 distinct characteristics (page 7)  Moment of emergence  Heterogeneity  precarity - 30 yrs of socialist rule - No indentifiable middle class - No stable middle class culture until this point - Diverse backgrounds - Uns
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