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Sherry Fukuzawa

ANT101Human DiversityChapter 1 2 3 4 6 and 7 Chapter 5 is not included in THIS quiz Its in the next quiz Quiz next Monday 15 30 mcHistory of the study of human variationLinneaus 1758 came up w the idea of binomial nomenclature very imp cuz we still used the taxonimal categories of binomial nomenclature in bio today PROB Linneaus not only classified organisms using binomial nomenclaturebut he also tried to extend these classifications within human species Divided human species into 5 diff categories combined cultural biases and turned them into traits used to categorize peopleSubsaharan Africans received the least complimentary descriptions Europeans the most complimentary descriptionsReflected the view of the time where Europeans were considered the most superior classificatorySeparated humans into 5 categories Americanus red paints himself with red lines ill tempered Europaeus white serious flowing blonde hair blue eyes very smart and active inventive strong ruled by laws wears tight clothingAsiaticus yellow melancholy greedy severe ruled by opinion wears rules clothing dark haireyesAfer impassive silky skin ruled by black curly hairMonstrosus deformed or imaginary people Count de Buffon published Varieties of the Human Species 1749Diff from linneaus classification cuz didnt try to categorize populations into diff categories He went AWAY from categorization within groups within our species Emphasized through his descriptions the unity of human species He still had cultural bias though in his descriptions though ie he described men as robust and ugly Didnt put indivi pops into diff categories used more of a descriptive type analogy where he focuses on the unity of the species Linneaus had a lot of influence over the scientific community of that time DescriptiveRejected classificationsEmphasized unity of speciesBehavioralcultural biasesProblems in classifying humansHumans are both the investigatorssubjectsInequalitiesinjusticesEugenicsGoal was for the betterment of the human species by the selective breeding for favorable traitsEugenics used the rules of natural selection to promote selective breeding Encouraged the reproduction of indivs with beneficial traitsdiscourage the reproduction of indivs with less beneficial traits then we can improve the quality of future generations and thus have a generation where everyone has advantageousgood genes A utopian type of generation People associate Eugenics with second world war Nazis But it actually started in the US Important figures in EugenicsGalton came up with the principles of Eugenics and Davenport implemented it in the USFrancis Galton Feared the European civilized society was being weakened by the failure of natural selection to eliminate unfit and inferior members Wrote and lectured on the importance of race improvement Uses biology to reinforce social injustice Published 1869 Heredity GeniusSaid prominence is inborn Used statistics to enforce his ideasCharles Davenport1911 Heredity in relation to eugenicsEstablished eugenics in US scientific programSaid we could create a crime free Utopian society in America if we discourage the breeding of indivs with disadvantaged traits ie violent traits Said criminal behaviour was a genetic trait stop criminals from reproducing and u will get rid of crime How was eugenics to be carried outRestriction of immigration thought immigrants have disadvantaged traits wanted to restrict breeding of immigrantsGet people with desirable genetic traits to reproduce and get people with undesirable genetic traits to not reproduce PROB how do we deem what are the desirable and what are the undesirable traits Also thought a lot of traits have a genetic basis when they actually dont ie prominenceThought prominent indivs also have kids who gain prominence within societies PROMINENCEindivs with higher social status Indivs with higher social status should reproduce and lower shouldnt Eugenics took hold in National Socialist Germany HITLER Adolf Hitlet didnt create Eugenics He borrowed these ideas from US and Europe and used Eugenics to try to wipe out Jews After this the US completely abandoned Eugenics cuz it didnt want to be associated with hitler and the genocide that occurred in Germany Ernest Hooton Broke from eugenics movement Said there are more similarities btw diff groups than differencesthe idea of studying population genetics Cuz when u study pop genetics you are looking at variances WITHIN a pop rather than differences btw diff pops Said most traits are polymorphic They are dependent on a number of diff genes and are also influenced by the environment Ie cant categorize skin color cuz it occurs in a continuum and depends on both genesenv
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